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I'm using Sony Ericsson Arc s, ics. after installed, i dont even able to view all the effect, iy appeared a blank screen. pls advise how should i troubleshoot it, thx

CarmenEslie , 04.07.2012, 07:25
Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 10.07.2012
Are all effects inaccessible or only some of them? Please describe your problem in more detail. Would be great if you could send a screenshot to our TS team at support@pho.to
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Michael Smith, 02.01.2013, 12:55
after I open up the app when I go to make a choice it comes up for about 3 seconds it goes to a screen
markova, 04.01.2013, 05:09
Dear Michael Smith, please describe your problem in details. Would be great if you could send a screenshot to our TS team at support@pho.to
Michael Smith, 16.01.2013, 20:52
from the app open. Some time I get to make a selection but most time I get a blank screen. I just got a new phone. Kyocera rise, that when problem started
Michael Smith, 16.01.2013, 21:57
The problem started with the new phone Kyocera rise..I can only get to the selection but can not pick., the screen goes blank after 10sec.
Chris Sampson, 18.01.2013, 01:29
Same problem, is it getting fixed?
markova, 18.01.2013, 11:56
Dear users,
Thank you for informing us about this bug. We know about this problem and are trying to fix as soon as possible.
sagar vyavahare, 16.07.2013, 20:32
Same problem
david, 01.08.2013, 15:42
I bought the pro and after I try adding a effect it says loading but then its a blank screen no image just the image I tried adding the effect to please fix

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